New Resource: Asking For Feedback When Branding Small Businesses

Do you think that you need to get whole world's feedback on your new brand? Is that the only thing that keeps you from executing your branding concept?

If feedback of others is what keeps you stuck, you will really enjoy our new resource.

Here is a short snippet of an article we suggest for you today, a comment by Pia Silva, Partner at Worstofall Design:"When you are building a highly differentiated brand, the goal is to attract die-hard fans. As we say on our homepage, “Being loved by some means being misunderstood, and even disliked, by others.” When you ask for feedback from the crowd, you are essentially looking for ways to make your brand palatable to the masses, which is the opposite of a highly differentiated brand that stands out from the crowd.

Our brand was never meant to appeal to everyone, and that should never be the goal of any small business owner. Instead, we want to inspire curiosity, excitement, anger—anything that will create an emotion that is memorable and will inspire action. The committee may not have understood the name, but in the real world the brand magnetically attracts the exact kind of clients we want: clients who see their boldness in our brand and are inspired to be bolder by seeing what we’ve done."

Read the full article on Forbes' website here.

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